OLP's Mission


To promote the common business interest of the legal community, establish guidelines and standards for legal professionals on e-discovery and other topics, evaluate compliance with same, and serve as a resource on quality certification.

The OLP is a professional organization establishing guidelines and standards for the legal field, with an emphasis on e-discovery.  The organization:
  • Evaluates compliance with the standards;
  • Recognizes organizations and programs which demonstrate compliance;
  • Serves as a resource on quality certification;
  • Certifies educational providers that meet The OLP's standards.


The OLP is an administratively independent resource recognized as an authority on standards for professional certification of individuals and organizations providing services and products to the legal industry.

Based on sound principles, The OLP standards are optimal and comprehensive criteria for organizational process and performance. They are broadly recognized, objective, and current benchmarks for certifying individuals to achieve and by which they operate.

Who Belongs to The OLP?

Members of The OLP include top level professionals:  lawyers, judges, e-discovery managers, technicians, paralegals, case managers, litigation support managers, administrators, vendors, software developers, consultants, and others.  The OLP invites you to sign up today!  Join your colleagues in an exciting journey towards setting higher standards in the legal community.  Participate in making a difference.

To join go to:  Membership

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