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Los Angeles, CA Decemer 7 2010 - Organization of Legal Professionals announced today that eDiscovery Paralegal Network (EDPN) has merged with OLP forming an eDiscovery Paralegal Section of OLP.

"OLP has grown significantly in the past year," says Allen Brody, Esq., Director of the Board of Directors and General Counsel for OLP.   "Merging EDPN with OLP gives us the opportunity to form a section where eDisccovery and technology paralegals can address their unique and relatively new position within the law firm.  The formation of a paralegal section also gives OLP another opportunity to provide comprehensive training for specialized technology jobs."

EDPN was formed two years ago by Robin Margolis, an intellectual property paralegal, who found few resources for paralegals now specializing in a new legal arena.  "We're excited about this move," she says. "OLP is just the right place for EDPN to be able to flourish and grow.  Paralegals will be able to interact with attorneys, litigation support professionals, IT, consultants and top legal experts yet at the same time have a division of their own where they can get superb individualized training."

OLP is an organization with a worldwide membership.  The non-profit provides higher continuing legal education and certification exams to attorneys and non-attorney professionals.  The first eDiscovery certification exam launches on Feb. 10th and is available to attorneys and senior level litigation support professionals.  A litigation support certification exam follows in late Spring.

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