C-Level Team

High-Powered C-Level Team Forms to Assist Board of Governors, 
Advisory Council and Members of OLP 

A high-powered executive level team from prestigious legal service providers has formed to assist
The OLP in anticipating and identifying trends, new technologies and the marketplace in legal technology. The high-powered team will meet regularly with the Board, make suggestions and prepare white papers and articles regarding their insights and observations of the global trends in the legal field. "Legal service providers are at an advantage in the legal marketplace in that exposure to a multitude of firms, cases, technologies, staffing and upcoming needs all at once gives us a unique perspective in an ability to predict upcoming needs," says Dave Tiller, CEO of Studeo Legal. "I am very excited to part of this innovative concept and to assist The OLP as it continues to move forward and positively impact the legal community."

                           Dave Cochran                    Eddie Sheehy                   Ron Friedmann                      Joe Scott, J.D. 
Exec. Vice President                CEO                                  Consultant                            General Manager
Planet Data                        Nuix                               Fireman & Co.                            Compulaw  

Mark Yacano                             Vicki Hill                          Nigel Murray                   John Rowley
Exec. Vice President                          CEO                          Managing Director            Vice President   
Hudson Legal                      Norcross Group                          Trilantic                      iFramework

Jonathan Nystrom                        Dan Regard                                    Dave Tiller          
Executive Vice President                          CEO                                                CEO                     
Cataphora                                iDiscovery                                     Studeo Legal

            Bill Gallivan                                     Chris Olsson                       Warwick Sharp 
                           CEO                                 Executive Vice President               Vice President           
         GGO LLC                                 Cricket Technologies                      Equivio   
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