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Laura A. Zubulake Joins The OLP's Board of Governors

LOS ANGELES-JULY 26 2010: The Organization of Legal Professionals, an industry group that includes some of the most respected eDiscovery thought leaders in the field, announced today that Laura A. Zubulake has been named a member of its Board of Governors. Zubulake is an eDiscovery pioneer, author, consultant and speaker, particularly about the impact of electronic discovery on the financial services industry.

"As a member of the Board of Governors, I look forward to working and exchanging ideas with a diverse group of experts," said Zubulake. "My goal is to share my experiences and insight with those looking to learn more about eDiscovery."

A former Wall Street executive, Zubulake received a crash course in eDiscovery when she became the plaintiff in Zubulake v. UBS, a gender discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against her former employer. Rather than settle the case, Zubulake herself searched for potential electronic evidence in e-mails and on backup tapes. Her multi-year efforts resulted in several landmark opinions about the obligations to preserve electronically stored information.

In April 2005, a federal jury unanimously found in her favor on both claims and awarded one of the largest single-plaintiff jury awards in the United States in an employment discrimination case. In October 2005, the parties settled privately. The December 2006 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were in part influenced by the Zubulake opinions concerning electronic discovery.

This year, the OLP entered into a strategic alliance with the Center for Advanced Legal Studies to launch ediscovery@work.olp, three 8-week online, interactive courses designed to teach legal professionals eDiscovery from beginning to end. No other group or educational facilities offers similar training. Registration is underway for the first course, which starts July 19.

In addition to certification issues, the OLP has developed educational Webinars for the legal community. On September 15, Zubulake will present "The Impact of the Zubulake Cases on eDiscovery," which will address the history of the groundbreaking litigation, how trial and error led to new solutions, and what the cases mean for eDiscovery today. For more information, log on to


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