Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the OLP?

Persons interested in the legal field are welcome to join the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP). You do not have to take the certification exam in order to belong. The OLP invites professionals from all practice areas to participate. The organization's membership and boards reflect a diverse constituency — a key component of the OLP's mission to collaborate on the certification initiative.

What is the purpose of the OLP?

The OLP was formed to establish global standards for e-discovery and other professionals through collaboration, education and certification. The OLP is dedicated to creating a higher level of delivering quality legal services and products and contributing to the career development of legal professionals throughout the world. The OLP's members are comprised of individuals seriously involved in the litigation arena. They include: attorneys, judges, law professors, educators, paralegals, paralegal managers, litigation support managers and analysts, technical support staff, consultants, vendors, software developers and judiciary.

How is the OLP structured?

The OLP's day-to-day operations are run by its Board of Directors. The Advisory Council is comprised of "in-the-trenches" professionals who give feedback and input to Board of Directors. Members of the Board of Governors are esteemed volunteers who contribute valuable insights and educational resources to the OLP.

What member benefits does the OLP offer?

  • Over 100 free webinars per year
  • The OLP eJournal - a quarterly magazine
  • The OLP informer - weekly update on trends, substantive issues and events
  • Podcasts with interviews from high-profile stars in the field
  • Professional networking
  • Participation with local chapters
  • Professional standards and certification
  • Member Directory
  • Discounts for advertisers offering discounts to OLP members
  • Discounts on certification e-learning training modules
  • Professional surveys reflecting trends and salaries
  • Opportunity to participate as Subject Matter Experts for eDiscovery and LitSupport certification exams
  • Opportunity to teach experienced legal professionals

How does the certification process work?

Details are in the Certification section and can be downloaded in the Candidate Handbook.

How does the OLP's certification differ from others?

The OLP's certification is awarded only after the member passes an examination. The OLP is vendor neutral and does not promote any one vendor, software, hardware, consultant or platform. There are no mandatory CLE education requirements or seminars that you must attend in order to take the exam.

What kind of staffing support does the OLP have?

The Estrin Education, Inc. manages the OLP. EEI handles the day-to-day operations of administration, support committee work, and spearheads logistics related to programming and education. Because the OLP has hired EEI professionals to staff the OLP, there is full management without having to rely on volunteers who may have time restraints that preclude them from getting all the work done necessary for the size of this commitment. Volunteers serve in an oversight and advisory capacity — allowing them to make a significant impact with minimal time requirements.

How can I find out if there is a chapter near me?

The OLP is currently in the development stages, gradually expanding its local chapters. If you and/or a colleague would like to start a chapter, please contact for more information. We encourage you to start a chapter in your area to help spread the word and promote education in this arena.

Does the OLP offer customized training programs for law firms, vendors and in-house legal departments?

Absolutely! Our top subject matter experts can design a training program based upon your firm's needs. We listen, develop a program unique to you and give you feedback on how each student is handling the course. You may choose from one course all the way through our certificate programs.
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