Effective Use of Images, Audio and Video

Gigapan, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Pixlr, Windows Movie Maker,

Adobe Premiere Elements, Microsoft PowerPoint and more


Learn how to prepare images, audio and video for use in your presentations in court as well as in your work with clients.

Learn to Detect Compromised Media!

Explore both the software and hardware necessary to create, edit and present media and look at methods of detecting if any of this media has been altered, redacted or otherwise compromised. 

Get More Expertise!

We will learn how to: 

  • create amazingly zoomable detailed images of objects and places using Gigapan technology. 
  •  create, enhance and edit audio and determine if an audio file has been altered. 
  • explore the technology for creating images using particular digital cameras and how to create and edit video. 
  •  remove a background and remove objects from an image, enhance images to increase their clarity and how images can be combined and manipulated legally and illegally using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Pixlr. 
  • use video editing software including Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements and video extraction and download tools. 
  • capture into a video with all the audio and video a full website that contains both audio and video clips using a program called BSL screen recorder. 
  •  print out a sequence of frames from a video and how to put these frames into a PowerPoint presentation, how to integrate the multi-media into our presentations both to clients and for them.

Earn 6 Hours CLE!

Six sessions of one hour each - Tuesdays and Thursdays 
June 19, 21, 26, 28, July 10, and 12, 2018 
10AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern
All participants are given access to the course website where all materials are stored, and it remains available to them indefinitely for future reference!

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