5 Simple Steps to Beat Age Discrimination
Have you ever walked away from an interview or meeting where you thought you had been discriminated against because of your age? The easy-to-read, powerful eBook shows you 5 simple steps to beat that harmful and illegal practice. Learn proven techniques, phrase to use and plans to create.
  Written by Chere B. Estrin

6 Common Review & Production Problems
This highly informative eBook by Dr. Manes is the perfect solution to the most common review and production problems in eDiscovery. In it, you will learn how important it is to get it right the first time. In fact, your litigation depends upon it. Lawyers, paralegals and litigation support professionals will find this guide a valuable reference.

As a bonus, you'll read the wise predictions of the future of legal technology from top icons in the legal field. Enjoy!
  Written by Dr. Gavin Manes

Forensics and the World of eDiscovery
A short overview of the need of why you need forensics in the world of eDiscovery. Written by Dr. Gavin Manes, a well-known subject matter expert, this guide explains the differences between forensics and eDiscovery and how they meet on shared goals. Helpful for the beginner in eDiscovery and good refresher for those seasoned pros.
  Written by Dr. Gavin Manes

Intro to Predictive Coding: Overview & Interpretation of Terminology
A short, quick-read explaining the technology, terminology and 8 steps to Predictive Coding you need to know.
  Written by Herbert L. Roitblat, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Scientist, Orcatec.
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