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E-Discovery Project Management

Certificate Program

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 What our students are saying:
"I'm a student in both OLP's Lit Support and e-Discovery Project Manager courses. My background is primarily review and I wanted to beef up my knowledge of the more technical aspects of e-Discovery. 

I wanted to say a quick thank you. A case I have been working on recently settled: http://abc30.com/news/california-pays-$24m-to-settle-lawsuit-over-building-sales/529708/ 

During trial a large amount of documents were found on a key witnesses hard drive that had not been produced. I relied on many of the lectures and materials from the OLP courses, particularly those of Babs Deacon and Marnie Carter, to help shape our strategy, demands and expectations and it all worked out great." 

Benson McGrath

This is your path to a successful career in eDiscovery.
For a decade now, eDiscovery has been a crucial area of the American legal system. It’s a complex discipline.

Very few have truly mastered it. Even fewer know where to begin.

You begin right here.
OLP has developed an intensive graduate level program designed to educate you and your team in eDiscovery and put you on a path to become a skilled practitioner in this high demand specialty. The course is the ideal way to prepare for the CeDP (Certified eDiscovery Professional) exam and become certified in eDiscovery.

Our program produces eDiscovery professionals.
OLP's comprehensive program was developed by a team of top attorneys and industry professionals, some of whom also deliver your complete program.

Every course focuses on the practical issues that matter most in the practice of law today. The entire course is delivered live online. You’ll master all the key principles of eDiscovery.

The eDiscovery Project Management Certificate Program covers:

  • The role of eDiscovery in today’s legal system
  • The eDiscovery process, fundamental legal principles and the "EDRM (edrm.net)" process
  • Principles of eDiscovery legal ethics and best practices
  • How legal professionals access, locate, and manage eDiscovery cases with traditional and electronic methods
  • The problem-solving and analytical skills required to manage eDiscovery initiatives
  • How to communicate effectively with accurate legal terminology
  • All the important technology aspects of eDiscovery
The program fits into your busy life.
Eight courses focus on making you an effective project manager. Each is an interactive, web-based class you can take from your home or office.

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Your enrollment offers some serious bonuses too.
  • Graduates may return anytime to audit any certificate courses at no charge- a lifetime bonus.
  • Registration in the program includes a one-year OLP membership. Members receive approximately 100 free webinars per year
  • Graduates of the program receive significant discounts on courses, eDiscovery certification exam and prep course.


More on what our students are saying:
"I am so very pleased with the training.  The presenters/depth of material are fantastic, and I have learned a great deal in a few short weeks.  I will certainly be looking to OLP in the future for additional training.  I have been in the field for over 20 years and this course is not the typical "run of the mill". Rather, it is sound and relevant instruction from those well versed in their areas of practice offering substantive information and training that I can actually apply and use.  My thanks to OLP -- "educating professionals and recognizing excellence" is more than a catch phrase -- it's actual truth." Kimberly A. Davis, FRCSE Office of Counsel, United States Navy
"A client required their attorneys to attend a two hour training session on how handle their eDiscovery. As our attorneys listened and looked at the book provided, their eyes glazed over. Afterwards, my boss buzzes by my office and pokes his head in. "Did you understand all that stuff?" (says the great wizardly wise one. )"Yes," I respond. Now – why in the world did it surprise him that after at least 8 weeks of intensive training that I might understand? So, today (seriously – just this morning) I find out that I’m now in charge of coordinating the firm’s compliance with the eDiscovery process for that client." Janet Powell, Jackson Lewis

Summary of Courses:

Fundamentals of eDiscovery
This online, interactive course gives legal professionals an opportunity to increase their knowledge about e-Discovery. The course covers the core competencies of eDiscovery including the "EDRM (edrm.net)", ESI, case law and practical application. Taught by seasoned pros, this no nonsense intensive course teaches students the latest in e-Discovery issues.

Advanced eDiscovery
This course is presented by a team of expert faculty specializing in e-Discovery with practical examples, case studies and practice. Students learn how key components of e-Discovery must be integrated and aligned to achieve success.
Prerequisites: Fundamentals of eDiscovery.

Ediscovery Project Management

Successful eDiscovery project management identifies issues quickly and has consistent methods which minimize the risk and exposure impact to the overall success of the project. This two-part series is designed to combine proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas from a wide range of resources. Students learn how to smoothly facilitate project management and walk away with the knowledge to ensure successful management of the firm's eDiscovery matters.

Legal Project Management
Through these sessions, students will be introduced to a project management approach, body of knowledge standards, how to define scope, manage resources, use of estimating techniques, good communications planning, managing change and risks, enabling good team dynamics, and even suggested project closure procedures for the legal professional.

The Phases of EDRM
  • Production and Review - Part I
  • Collection, Process and Analysis - Part II

This "EDRM (edrm.net)" course concentrates in detail on the phases of the EDRM: Review, Process, Analysis and Production. This course covers case law, Early Case Assessment, Technology Assisted Review, analysis and more. Students are given real-life cases and will learn to identify and collect data from critical data sources.

Design and Implementation of eDiscovery Cost Controls

These collaborative sessions give students the tools to achieve clarity that balances real-life decision making and rational analysis. Students will come away with a battery of new techniques to step back and examine projects before making costly mistakes.

We cover challenges when dealing with record retention policies, custodian interviews, data sources and preservation. Students will be able to align outcomes to smart, timely and effective decision making.

International e-Discovery, e-Disclosure and Information Governance
No consistent methodology exists for United States courts to evaluate whether discovery of ESI abroad is appropriate, and if so, the consequences for not complying with a discovery order. United States courts need to apply a consistent standard to decisions involving the discovery of international ESI. This course reviews existing law related to international discovery and eDiscovery along with a blended approach to evaluate ESI.
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A certificate program differs from a certification exam. A certification exam indicates mastery/competency, hands-on experience and is typically administered by a 3rd party standard-setting organization set through a defensible, industry-wide process. A certificate program does not constitute certification. It indicates completion of a course. You cannot be certified by taking a course. You must take the aforementioned certification exam.

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