Paralegal Management & Team Development

Certificate in Paralegal Management
A 10-week course

Fundamentals of Paralegal Management: Feb 28, March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28
4:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern
Each class 2 hours

Advanced Paralegal Management: April 11, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 9
4:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern
Each class 2 hours

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Today’s paralegal demands sophisticated management, but few paralegals have the comprehensive training it takes to manage others. That’s why our Paralegal Management Program focuses on connecting you to the industry in a way that no other program can.

Our mission is to help you reach that pinnacle faster. While other programs can teach you the basics of management, only the Organization of Legal Professionals connects you with the world’s foremost Paralegal Management experts. And by learning from the very best in the industry, you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the concepts, management techniques and strategies that define the field. It's the real-world preparation you need to grasp the complexities of a quickly evolving field, so you can actually become one of the experts yourself and lead the legal profession into the future.

Your professors will be the field’s foremost management experts, including top-ranking Paralegal Managers, industry leaders, HR experts, case managers, attorneys, professors and industry-leading recruiters. It’s a comprehensive Paralegal Management education like no other.

Program Highlights

Using student-centric learning technologies delivered through real-time, multimedia coaching environments, we’ll help you learn faster and retain more. With our live, interactive online lectures and labs, you’ll be able to see, hear and interact with your instructors. You’ll also be able to participate in online, collaborative learning with other students, view multimedia presentations of course content, and engage in ongoing forum discussions with instructors and students. Designed, developed and delivered by preeminent experts and practitioners in the field, this 10-week, online, interactive, live Paralegal Management Certificate program takes you inside the issues that really matter.

Engaging, live interactive online classes and labs: The program involves real world paralegal programs, self-assessment tests, workshops, interview and termination labs, group discussions, self-study, interactive role-playing in the classroom, and the opportunity to build your own paralegal department. You'll create a budget, interview candidates, pitch new ideas to attorneys and administrators, assign teams, create workflow systems and conduct evaluations. You'll walk away from the program ready to manage your firm's paralegal program or set out on an adventure to get the job you've only dreamed about until now.

If you miss a live class, you can take the recorded version the very next day!



Fundamentals of Paralegal Management Part 1

Managers who will be promoted are the ones who not only manage efficiently but also lead their paralegal teams successfully. Learn how to effectively manage paralegals in your current or future leadership position.

This online, interactive five week course shows you how to apply the most effective leadership style and develop the keys to a motivated paralegal workforce. Build a high-performing team by understanding team dynamics, aligning vision and performance and applying a consistent theory in leading your team.


  • Understand leadership skills for paralegals
  • Know when to manage and when to lead your team
  • Assess your leadership behavior and determine the best style to generate results
  • Visualize your goals and communicate them to your team
  • Develop a high-performance team by first developing leadership skills
  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach
  • Understand the financial numbers that drive profitability
  • Discover which critical leadership skills you must teach your team members so they can work effectively in your absence.


New managers, team leaders, leaders seeking to move into the paralegal management role, seasoned managers seeking to refresh their skills and learn more and professionals interested in acquiring effective paralegal managment skills in both law firms and in-house legal departments.



Week One:  Skills For Management

Assigning Projects & Projecting Workflow
Developing Your Leadership Style
Motivation & Morale

Fostering Teamwork

Driving Change
Coaching for Success

Week Two: Law Office Management

Office Politics
Orientation and Onboarding Programs

Developing Training Programs
Workflow systems

Week Three: HR Skills Interviewing & Hiring

Conducting In-depth, Meaninful Interviews
Salary Negotiations
Conducting Reviews

Week Four: Leadership

Chere Estrin, CEO Paralegal Knowledge Institute

Improving Leadership Through Corporate Storytelling
On-the-Job Writing

Communication at All Levels

Week Five: Financial Issues
Donald Billings, Guest Speaker

Meeting and Creating Budgets
Establishing Billable Hours and Creating Profitability

Getting Your Team to Meet Billable Requirements
Purchasing Power and Your Role with Vendors

Feb 28, March 7, March 14, March 21, March 28
4:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern
Each class: 2 hours



Marnie Carter is an ERM Project Manager in the Litigation Department of Morrison & Foerster LLP. She previously held the position of Manager of Litigation Operations and Information Management in the Commercial Legal Department of Gilead Sciences, Inc. Ms. Carter also functioned as Manager of Records and Information Management in this position. She has been employed in the legal profession for over twenty years with substantial experience in case project and discovery management and litigation.

Before joining Gilead, Ms. Carter was the Paralegal Supervisor for the Silicon Valley Office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP. She also worked as a Senior Paralegal in the Patents Practice Litigation Group at Weil. In this role, Ms. Carter managed federal and state litigation cases as well as those pending before the ITC and in arbitration. She was heavily involved in the consultation, training, supervision and management of electronic discovery and electronic evidence projects at Weil in addition to serving as an advisor on their EDiscovery Sourcing Committee.

Ms. Carter previously taught as an Associate Professor in an Adjunct Faculty role with the San Francisco State University Legal Studies Program where she provided instruction in Computer Applications in Law Practice and eDiscovery/Electronic Evidence. She is the Western Regional Director for Women in EDiscovery and founding Co-Chair of the Silicon Valley Chapter of Women in EDiscovery, Board Member with the Steering Committee for the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Litigation Support Professionals and an active member of the Bay Area Litigation Support Professionals. She is also an active member with the International Paralegal Management Association (IPMA) and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA).

Ms. Carter majored in International Business Law at the University of San Francisco and attended the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program at San Francisco State University.


Other guest lecturers will be announced.

Space is limited to small work groups

OLP Members:  995.00 per person
Non-Members:   995.00 per person

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Advanced Paralegal Management
Part 2

Program, Part 2

The Paralegal Management Certificate is a 10 week course designed to prepare professionals to manage and participate in e-Discovery efforts both in legal actions and in on-going risk management operations performed by firms. The instructional program content is based upon the occupational analysis of the e-Discovery field, the direction of the College’s preeminent E-Discovery Advisory Board and other industry resources.

Week One: Administration

  • Assessment, Evaluation & Review Process
  • Insider’s Guide to Recruiting From the Hidden Market
  • Hiring and Terminations - How and When
  • High Stakes Negotiations

Week Two: Organizational Development

  • Developing Smooth Running Paralegal Depts.
  • Motivation & Rewards
  • Building Trial Teams
  • Getting Buy-In From Your Firm
  • Utilization of Firm Resources
  • What to do with Senior Paralegals

Week Three: Training and Utilization
Kara Buzga - Mayer Brown LLP - Guest Speaker

  • Effective Team Building
  • Professional Development & Training Programs
  • Training Attorneys on Proper Utilization of Paralegals
  • Onboarding Programs to Ensure Longevity of Employees 

Week Four: Development and Initiation of Workflow Systems

  • Project Management and Workflow Systems
  • Assigning Matters and Managing Workflow Charts That Work
  • You as the Change Agent and Organizational Development
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  • Working with Virtual Teams
  • Program Review

Week Five: Financial Control
Donald Billings Sidley Austin LLP - Guest Speaker

  • Cost Controls & Realistic Budgets
  • Managing Billable Time
  • Projections, P&L's and Analysis
  • Handling write-offs and write-downs

Thursdays, April 11, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 9
4:00 pm Pacific/ 6:00 pm Central/7:00 pm Eastern
Each class: 2 hours


Marnie Carter, Manager of Litigation Operations and Information Management in the Commercial Legal Department of Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Chere Estrin, CEO, Paralegal Knowledge Institute; author of Paralegal Career Guide 4th Edition; Chairperson, Organization of Legal Professionals; Editor-in-Chief, KNOW, The Magazine for Paralegals

Allen Brody, Esq.,
General Counsel, Organization of Legal Professionals

Other instructors to be announced.

Your career success is at the core of our success. Our continuing courses allow us to keep contributing to your success long after you’ve achieved your certificate in Paralegal Management. It’s another benefit of attending PKI and we’re proud to offer it, anytime our graduates need it.

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Paralegal Management Course: Choose Both Courses Or Fundamentals or Advanced

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