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What is the Legal Tech Assessment (“LTA”)?

The LTA assesses how well timekeepers and staff use basic law practice technology, such as word processing and spreadsheets, to complete commonly encountered legal tasks. The tasks are embedded in assignments that constitute a single, continuous work flow. The test takers will finalize a redlined investors’ rights agreement (word processing). They will then be given data on dividend payments to investors to investigate whether payments were made equally to all investors (spreadsheets). Finally, they will prepare an e-filing attaching the agreement and spreadsheet (PDF).

The results of the LTA demonstrate how proficient, or not, a legal professional is with the basic technological tools at their disposal. The results can be used to assess individuals, as well as teams (e.g., a practice group) and organizations (e.g., a law firm). The individual results of the LTA can be used to create tailored training plans. The aggregate results can be used as one measure of how efficiently work is being done.

The LTA is not a game of gotcha. The LTA assesses core, labor-saving features of common software.

The OLP plans to offer the LTA to all members via their website at a 20% off discounted rate. “We are excited to be able to offer our members a cost effective approach to not only assessing their proficiency levels in basic office technologies, but most importantly to train and validate their learning via Procertas’ LTA and Trainer’s Edition.” commented Chere Estrin, President and Co-Founding Member of The Organization of Legal Professionals.

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