From Cell Phones to Tweets: eDiscovery is the Norm in a Post-Snowden Era -By Jeff Fehrman, OLP Board of Governors; CSO, Mindseye Solutions

01 May 2014 1:49 PM | Chere Estrin (Administrator)
We live in a world where most of our actions are recorded in some way, shape or form. Most individuals today, starting with kids through seniors, have access to email, smart-phones, tablets, social media, and other cloud-based apps that are used for communicating and ultimately can be used in civil and criminal proceedings. Some of us refer to this as the post-Snowden era, there's some credence to privacy as we knew it, no longer exists. We're not going backwards.

Everything we're going to see whether it's Sterling and the NBA, or whether it's this week's alleged Benghazi smoking-gun email that came to light, electronic discovery is going to be a part of, if not all, the majority of civil and criminal litigation going forward. We're at a time where certification and education is extremely important for those that have spent time in the industry as well as for those that are in college and seeking jobs in the IT field, Security field, and Legal field. It doesn't just touch lawyers anymore; it's wide-ranging from lawyers, to technologists, paralegals and more.

Authored by Jeff Fehrman, OLP Board of Governors; CSO, Mindseye Solutions
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