Presenting Evidence at Trial

Using Trial Director 360

Presenting Trial Director 360 - the most flexible and widely-used trial presentation technology available. Easily organize, annotate and customize your exhibits for large or small cases. Present virtually any type of document or media from your PC, tablet or iPad and create deposition clips in a snap. Streamline your entire trial preparation and trial presentation process with one simple tool. 


It's new and improved, with an updated user interface with customized layouts to fit your workflow. Share your case and collaborate with others during your trial preparation. Advanced transcript management with associated exhibit links and video, issues, designations, redactions and more. Video clip creation, editing, and playlists highlight critical case evidence. Expanded Transcript Redaction and Designation Tools. New database structure to increase reliability, performance. Easily find exhibits on-the-fly quickly and efficiently. Bulk update exhibits in minutes using dynamic labels and resequencing options. View and customize exhibits before they are displayed with Presentation Preview.


Transcript Management

  • Save and print searches
  • Issue-code transcripts and print associated digests
  • View linked exhibits
  • Print condensed transcripts with word index

Video Management

  • View video depositions of witnesses and parties
  • Create focused, insightful video clips for use at trial
  • Synchronize a video deposition to the transcript text
  • Generate designation reports and video clips for the court

Document Management

  • Pack up your entire case and then simply unpack it on your laptop for trial
  • Create witness and trial workbooks
  • Create and print exhibit/trial exhibit lists
  • Create PDFs with user-controlled quality settings

Trial Presentation

  • "Tear out" a section of a document to focus the jury's attention
  • Present exhibits in a side-by-side comparison
  • Play a witness's video deposition with or without scrolling transcript text
  • Display a section of the transcript, to emphasize contradictory deposition testimony
  • Overlay exhibits - great for comparing authenticity of a signature
  • "Tablet Toolbar" preference for presenting from tablet PC's or Surface Pro

 This 8 session course is designed to provide you with the essentials of being an excellent presenter of fact during trial.  Whether the facts are videos, audios, images, depositions - and whatever the data - being able to present the evidence in a compelling, efficient and professional manner can win your case.


 Each session will deal with these aspects of the software - and although these links will take you to Ipro's training videos, this course will involve lectures on each of these topics and presentations using PowerPoint to enhance the video training provided.  During the sessions, we will provide you with opportunity to engage in discussion about the features and the video how-to-do-it presentations.

8 hrs. CLE. NALA Approved  


Eight sessions of one hour each - Tuesdays and Thursdays 

August 21, 23, 28, 30, Sept. 4, 6, 11 and 13, 2018 

10AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern
Don't worry about missed sessions - we'll email you a copy! 


All participants are given access to the course website where all materials are stored, and it remains available to them indefinitely for future reference!

Kudos from the Winter 2018 Course Attendees:

"Thank you again for the wealth of information presented in the course on Trial Director."

"Thank you for training, it was clear, concise, informative, and definitely user friendly." 

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