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Artificial Intelligence in the

Legal Environment


This four-session course deals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is being used or can be used by legal professionals   AI will be demonstrated in the use of conceptual searching that is now built into many legal software applications.  We will also demonstrate the use of File Explorer in Windows 2019 and the use of tags, comments and other meta data to enable more accurate searching using the search feature.  We will look at the AI that is now built into Word, PowerPoint and Excel and the unique feature in OneNote called audio recognition.  Finally, we will look at situations where AI has resulted in litigation.  Some of the key terms we will define: AI itself and whether the term is an oxymoron.  We will learn about machine learning and informatics.


When: July 2, 7, 9 and 14, 2020

10-11 AM Pacific - 1-2 PM Eastern 


 Don't worry about missed sessions - we'll email you a copy link! 


All participants are given access to the course website where all materials are stored, and it remains available to them indefinitely for future reference!

Kudos for Karl Kindt 

"Thank you...for another great educational series....very informational...your sessions consistently provided me with new resources to draw from in the future...The websites are also an awesome source of information that I will use again and again...Thanks again for the excellent training!" - Deborah W. 


"I enjoyed the presentations very much...Mr. Kindt was very well organized and efficient in his presentation.  I would recommend this seminar to others...Definitely worth the time and the money. Thank you again. And please send thanks to Mr. Kindt." - Peggy L.


"Thank you...the webinar was very informative and helpful.  I'm looking forward to studying the material and improving my skills." - Westley B.   

 "Thank you kindly...for this useful and most needed webinar. I look forward for the next one".  - Nicole G.T. 



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