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Advanced PowerPoint Techniques for

Attorneys and Paralegals

The following tools can be quite effective in presenting information for clients at meetings or in court for juries and judges.  Getting a bullseye presentation requires a deeper knowledge of PowerPoint's strengthens and weaknesses and how to strengthen its weaknesses.  The lessons outlined below will teach you how to use this presentation tool to the greatest legal advantage.



1. Learn how to insert frames from a video, annotate the individual frames and play the video forward and backward, enhancing any frames that are too dark or light.


2. Learn how to insert over 100 images into a slideshow in one second.


3. Learn how to insert a video on a slide but also how to clip out just the portion you wish to play and how in PowerPoint to adjust its volume.


4. Learn how to use advanced animation tools to effectively emphasize a piece of evidence and to draw attention to details.


5. Learn how to zoom in more effectively with both the built in zoom tool but also using a hyperlink and windows photo viewer.


6. Learn how to create in PowerPoint animated timelines with smart objects.


7. Learn how to use animated gif files with transparent backgrounds to give good poignant humor to points being made.


8. Learn how to record your narration into each slide and them produce a video of the presentation with your narration synchronized to each slide.


9. Learn how to use the insert snip tool to harvest into slides images and information off of websites and other screens.


10. Learn how to create kiosk presentations of your PowerPoints that include your audio track


and much more!!!


This 6 session course is designed to provide you with the essentials of being an excellent presenter of fact during trial.  Whether the facts are videos, audios, images, depositions - and whatever the data - being able to present the evidence in a compelling, efficient and professional manner can win your case.

 During the sessions, we will provide you with opportunity to engage in discussion about the features and the video how-to-do-it presentations.




Six sessions of one hour each

May 28, June 2, 4, 9, 11 and 16, 2020

10AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern
Don't worry about missed sessions - we'll email you a copy! 


All participants are given access to the course website where all materials are stored, and it remains available to them indefinitely for future reference!

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Kudos for Karl Kindt  


"Thank you...for another great educational series....very informational...your sessions consistently provided me with new resources to draw from in the future...The websites are also an awesome source of information that I will use again and again...Thanks again for the excellent training!" - Deborah W.

"I enjoyed the presentations very much...Mr. Kindt was very well organized and efficient in his presentation.  I would recommend this seminar to others...Definitely worth the time and the money. Thank you again. And please send thanks to Mr. Kindt." - Peggy L.

"Thank you...the webinar was very informative and helpful.  I’m looking forward to studying the material and improving my skills." - Westley B. 

"Thank you kindly...for this useful and most needed webinar.  

I look forward for the next one".  - Nicole G.T.

Instructor at Southwestern Illinois College

B.A. Degree in Political Science from Elmhurst College

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